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Mould in Onions - at vegetable producer Axel Maansson

Machine: UV Green Power Super with 38 tubes

In 2009 and 2010 experiments with two different UV C light machines was conducted at vegetable prodcuers Axel Maansson in Brande, Denmark.
Both years testing was done in onions in fields. 2009 proved very soon to be the year when all the initial problems were discovered, and testing in 2010 was therefore done with a significantly developed and improved machine, including more than a  tenfold increase of UV C light strength!

Axel Maansson treated an organic onion field of the plant variety ‘Summit’. Testing ran for from mid July 2010 with a dose of 12-14 mJ/cm2 at a forward speed of respectively 2,5 km/h and 5 km/h. The crop was treated every other day for a period of 6 weeks. Test results show that exposure every other day is not enough to eliminate mould, but that treatment has a measurable effect.

See experimental plan here

Hardening - at vegetable producers Yding Grønt and Lykkegaarden
Machine: UV Green Power Lite with 25 horizontally mounted tubes

In 2010, this UV C machine was tested at Yding Grønt at Østbirk and Lykkegaarden at Auning, Denmark in different lettuce varieties. At Yding Grønt testing was also conducted in spinach.

The experiment was intended to clarify the hardening effect of the UV C light. That is, can UV C light enhance the crop, so it is faster at getting ready to harvest and more durable. Testing was done at respectively 2 and 4 km/h at the dose of 26 and 52 milijoule. The crops were treated with different frequencies; weekdays, every other day and twice weekly.

See experimental plan here

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