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The Technology behind

How does UV C light work
UV C light is light with a specific frequency of 280 nm - 185 nm. Naturally occurring UV C light differs from normal visible light by being almost invisible. UV C light is naturally present in sunlight.

Humidity and UV light has a major influence on fungi and bacteria's ability to infect plants. As well known, sunny weather causes fewer problems with fungal diseases than humid and rainy weather. Experiments show that UV C light has very good inhibitory effect on particularly mold in potatoes, onions and lettuce and mildew in strawberries.

With its focus on the UV C light Yding Smedie introduces a completely new technology to vegetable producers. Good results with treatment of strawberries in greenhouses supports the basic idea that UV C light can inhibit unwanted fungi growth and possibly simultaneously strengthen the plants.

The Machine
The UV C machine of Yding Smedie is equipped with a variety of special UV C lamps that are mounted on a frame. The machine is mounted on the rear of the tractor and powered with electricity from a generator. Treatment involves exposure of the crop to a metered dose of UV C light at a high frequency during the growing season. This exposure takes place from above. The strength of light in combination with driving speed and distance from the crop determine the dosage, measured in milijoule.

Also the actual crop leaf index, leaf density, plays a crucial role in determining how much UV C light that actually reaches the leaves. If the leaf index is very high, overhanging leafs can to create an obstacle to the light. In addition, the significance of factors such as wind, temperature, sunlight and humidity are still unresolved.

There are two different models:
UV Green Power Lite: This model has 25 UV C light tubes, mounted vertically below the machine's shield. It was developed for use in salad. UV Green Power Super: This model has 38 UV C lamps, 30 of which are mounted horizontally in 6 frames with 5 tubes in each frame. The remaining 8 tubes are mounted vertically just below the machine shield. This model is intended for treatment of onions.

Artificial UV C light, the light that UV Green Power machines produce, has a very strong deep-blue color, and is harmful by direct exposure. One should therefore wear protective glasses when in a radius of 30 feet

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The project has received grants from EU and The Rural Development Program of the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.