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About the Project
Already in 2009 Yding Smedie conducted  the first testing with a brand new UV C machine. Based on these results, Yding Smedie in 2010 further developed the technology and built two new machines that have run on a trial basis in onions and lettuce. In lettuce crops the purpose in 2010 has not only been to reduce fungi, but also examine whether UV C light can act either to stimulate growth or support growth inhibition. The latter may have great significance for vegetable producers to extend the season.

As players in the implementation of the experiments Yding Smedie has had The Danish Horticultural Advisory Service and three Danish outdoor vegetable producers; Axel Maansson A / S, Yding Grønt and Lykkegaarden.

In the long term the intention is that the UV C machine should be used not only to control fungi and perform growth promotion and retardation in lettuce and onions, but also in potatoes and strawberries. Yding Forge UV machine, also called UV Green Power, is a prototype and it is based on a completely new technology, which is not yet fully developed. Fortunately, testing in 2010 of onion and lettuce cultures reveals promising results.

Alternative to Pesticides
The UV C machine is initially designed to reduce fungi in crops such as onions, lettuce, potatoes and strawberries. Many vegetable growers are experiencing major problems with fungal spores that are impossible to obliterate without using pesticides.

The alternative to pesticides is therefore currently limited to the cultivation of fungus-resistant varieties, but not all are tasty and easy to grow. The intention of Yding Smedie’s UV C machine is to offer an alternative to pesticides and expand growers’ choice of plant varieties.

Three star Agromek Novelty
At Agromek in 2010 the UV C machine, also called UV Green Power, was assessed by the Agromek expert panel and awarded the maximum number of Novelty stars - three! Agromek assign exhibitors' new products one, two or three stars depending on the product's novelty.

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The project has received grants from EU and The Rural Development Program of the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.